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Source: 11 Easiest & Best Countries to Live in For 6 Months or More | The Delicious Day

So many people I talk to are looking for a company to hire them. Flip that around. What job do you want to hire. Checkout this new way to look at your career from the author of Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice.

Source: How to hire your employer

By: Mariana Camacho

Source: Next Steps for Location Independent Workers: Co-living & Coworking? – Medium

Figuring everything out on your own can be hard, so we asked freelancers what makes their lives easier. Here are their favorite tools.

Source: 15 Apps That Make Freelancer Life Easier | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

From Taipei to Yerevan, Armenia, these hubs are gaining in popularity with self-employed travelers.

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Source: How I turned my dream life into my real life

Whether you’re earning your stripes or have years of experience as a freelancer, it’s easy to neglect your personal life and focus on taking care of your business. Keeping a handle on both can feel challenging, but just remember there’s more to life than writing proposals, handling

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