Designing the Future of Work

A Tale of Two Women and a Nation Fueling a Latin American Economic Renaissance

It is a powerful moment to be in Chile.  For a women who has committed her professional life to gender equality I am hours away from watching a nation choose between two women to run their country.


Childhood Friends Face Off

Michelle Bachelet stunned the world when in 2006 she won the presidency as an unmarried woman in a heavily Catholic country.

Chile is ripe with protest, with strikes in many cities that have shut down funiculars and trams that were part of our “must see” list.  I am happy to suffer the inconvenience to witness a people who hold their democracy so dear after foreign nations, namely mine, supported a dictator who tortured and disappeared his people before democracy could return.  A young Wisconsin staying in our hostel returned excitedly from a Bachelet rally, swept up in the excitement of listening to someone who spoke about the people and the widening income equality that faces countries around the world, including my own.

The election will be on a Sunday so that everyone can take part.  While the people of Santiago were preparing to close for the elections, the people of Valparaiso waved away our concerns with a dismissive scowl about the elections; they would be abierto.  Perhaps they are less enthusiastic about another election, having seen promises given and not kept.

When we board the bus for La Serena, Chile on Monday there should be a new President in Chile and it will be a SHE.

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