Designing the Future of Work

About the Future of Work

The Global Mobile Worker Project is a Dialogue About the Future of Work

Let’s explore the evolution of location independent work – the rise of the Digital Nomad – and the power of technology to connect a world of global citizens.
Different is uncomfortable and I want to learn to lean into the discomfort, find a way to make it productive and inspirational. I approach the world of digital nomads with the perspective of an American whose race, gender and sexual orientation have secured me outsider status. I know what it feels like to work to fit in. Now I will share the skills I learn by crossing boundaries and borders both personally, professionally and technologically.
The Global Mobile Worker Project is a journey of both surrender and empowerment. Long ago I left the office behind, let go of the concept of home, and committed to being a citizen of the world. Technology is what truly enabled me to consider this future. Technology has made the world amazingly small and infinitely richer. So I have travelled the globe while staying connected to my work.
My professional work integrates the creation of INCLUSION in the organizational cultures in which I work and my personal passion is the elimination of “Other,” to embrace the concept of universal oneness. Much more easily said than done.
Reinventing the concept of home feels very much like skydiving – taking the inconceivable step of launching yourself out of the door of an aircraft and then the feeling of awe and wonder that makes you believe in your invincibility and the possibilities in life.
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Comments on: "About the Future of Work" (2)

  1. Robin, it is so exciting to watch you launch! Best of luck and joyful journeys.

  2. love this. it’s great to be a part of your journey..

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