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There are some products that have simply not failed me time after time. Like my REI Rolling Backpack, which is sadly no longer available from REI. There are others that you can enjoy.

My all-time favorite purchase is my Scottevest – travel vest. I always felt secure that our passports and money were safe on my body. The vest was comfortable enough to wear on the hottest day or on a long bus trip. It made border crossings a piece of cake with all my identity documents tucked neatly in an internal pocket of my vest. Check Them Out. (If you click this link I will be rewarded for my faith in this product).

The Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men has 42-engineered pockets making it the perfect vest for tech lovers and gadget freaks! 

I will be adding my favorites with the launch of Two Broke Chicas Backpack Through South America, Central America, Mexico and Cuba. My readers went there with me, now you can too.

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